At Audiosyncrasy, we design virtual instruments that help you tailor your unique sound, and discover the full measure of your creativity.

We build our products with meticulous attention to detail from start to finish. Each audio sample goes through multiple rounds of vetting to ensure the highest quality. We design our engines to maximize playability and responsiveness so that you can focus solely on your music. We then strive to find unique ways to let you mould the sound and make it your own.

We hope that you will enjoy making music with our instruments and that you experience all the love and care we’ve invested in each one.

Johnathan Booy. Founder and software developer.

Johnathan Booy

Founder & Software Developer

Pablo Schuller. Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

Pablo G. Schuller

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Juan Snyman. Web Designer and Developer.

Juan Snyman

Web Designer & Developer

Regard Booy. User experience consultant.

Regard Booy

User Experience Consultant